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Natural Facial Care

Treat yourself with natural botanicals and enjoy the benefits these facial care delights offer.

Tea Tree & French Green Clay Facial Spa Bar  a luxurious, detoxifying facial soap with Tea Tree & Lavender Essential Oils and purifying French Green Clay

The perfect facial soap to use for quick detox, improved circulation, even skin tone, cleansing and oil control.  While our clays are quarried in France, natural clays have been used in bath products since roman times for their purifying, stimulating and toning properties.  Our Green Clay Facial Spa Bar uses the detoxifying power of clay to clear your pores and restore lost moisture and tone, giving your face a radiant glow.

Everyday use for oily and problem skin.  Weekly use for normal skin.   4.5 oz bar


Our Organic Honey & Wheat Germ Facial Spa Bar is filled with natural ingredients that gently clean and nourish your skin.   Wheat germ and Kaolin clay for gentle exfoliation that revives dull skin and leaves you with a radiant glow. Honey (antibacterial and a good source of antioxidants) and nutrient-rich Shea Butter both moisturize and repair the skin.  These extra emollients work together to hydrate, nourish and restore the skin and make your complexion newly glow.


We looove this soap as a great facial cleanser.  All types of skin seem to respond extremely well.  This gentle, yet thorough soap cleanses and removes all impurities from the skin, leaving it soft and comfortable.   A rich and nourishing cleansing bar for daily use with normal to dry skin.  4.5 oz.

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Fa-T Tea Tree & French Green Clay Facial Spa Bar $7.00 Add To Favorites

FACIAL - Lavender Amazing Grains Facial Scrub

Treat yourself to a spa quality facial at home with our Lavender Amazing Grains Facial ScrubLavender is a very nourishing and healthy herb for the skin.  It is known to be gentle and calming to the skin.  It's believed to have great value in helping the skin heal  itself, stimulating cell growth, reducing inflammation, preventing scarring and balancing the production of oils.

Oatmeal is believed to be effective for relieving dryness and inflammation, including insect stings, rashes, and eczema.  It contains polysaccharides and lubricating fats, which are used to prevent dullness and dryness.  It is also filled with natural pore cleansers.


Feel the difference on your skin with our Lavender Facial.  Gentle and nourishing with finely ground oatmeal, lavender, rice bran, wheat germ and calendula petals.

To use, sprinkle the grains on your palm, moisten with honey and/or water, and gently massage onto your wet face for a relaxing exfoliation. Rinse. May use daily.

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FACIAL MASK - French Green Clay Mask

Pamper your face with a once-a-week facial using our  French Green Clay Facial Mask.  We call it Amazing Clay because  we carefully blend together the following amazing ingredients: French green clay, oatmeal, adzuki, licorice root, henna and chamomile together with lavender, juniper berry and rosemary essential oils.

French Green Clay has long been used for its apparent therapeutic abilities. Due to its high absorbency and its ability to pull oils and toxins from the skin, it is one of the best clays for making poultices and an excellent ingredient for skin care and spa treatments.

To use: Take approximately one teaspoon of scrub in the palm of your hand and add drops of water until a paste can be formed.  Apply paste to the face, let dry (up to 20 minutes).  Rinse.

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FBTS - Blemish Touch Stick

Blemish Touch Stick for your Face

A special formulation using five essential oil to promote clear, healthy skin: Tea Tree, lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Birch and Palmarosa.

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FACIAL LOOFAHS - for healthy skin (set of 3)

   Stock up on these adorable mini loofahs, perfect for the face.  Make sure to soak it in warm water before use, and it will puff up and soften slightly.  Then, apply your favorite soap and gently wash away the impurities of the day.  Your face will thank you!

Approximately 2.25" diameter.
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