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 Pet Care

Developed for the pet that's loved, our natural bar and liquid shampoos will keep your dogs coat healthy, clean and lustrous.  Our shampoos also help protect your dog and cats, from ticks and fleas with pure essential oils of lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint and citronella. 

Your pet will look and feel great.  As we've often joked about Grandma's & Grandpa's bulldog Millie, "Even good girls get dirty sometimes!"  Our soap sudzes into a rich lather, cleans deep down and rinses easily, making bath-time fun!

Try our Flea and Tick Spray for a natural way to repel wood ticks, deer ticks and fleas.  Spray directly on your pets fur and brush in for best results.  Apply before heading outside.

Our Pet Balm protects and conditions paws all year long and heals calluses.  Apply before walking to protect pet paws from gravel, asphalt, ice, snow, and hot pavement.  May be applied to hot spots, sore noses and elbow calluses caused by rug irritations.  Great for horses and cats too.

Pet Care
LPS Natural Pet Shampoo (Liquid 6 oz.) $7.99 Add To Favorites
P-B Healing Shea Butter Balm (Out of Stock) $7.50 Add To Favorites
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