All Things Herbal
"I love making handmade soap because there is something inherently magical about the process, because a little bit of myself is in each batch, and how wonderful it is to your skin and senses."  Christine Kennedy 
Founded in 1998, All Things Herbal began when mother and daughter established a small kitchen herb garden as a 4-H project.  An abundant harvest begged the question, "What do we do with all of these herbs?"  Daughter Caitlin, then twelve, replied, "Mom!  You should make soap!"  Thus began our passionate affair "All Things Herbal".
An arbor marks the entrance to our herbal gardens and from the lavender growing along the path to the mints and sages, dried herbs and ground spices are key ingredients that distinguish All Things Herbal botanical soaps from other fine natural soaps.
The emphasis is on purity and tradition. We formulate our natural soaps from scratch using the time honored method of cold process soap making, a low temperature technique.  Using our own original recipes, we blend natural, plant-based sustainable oils ~ olive, coconut, palm kernal, sunflower, rice bran, soybean, cocoa and shea butter ~ all important for there skin soothing and moisturizing qualities. With each batch made, poured, cut and wrapped by hand, each represents a work of art offered by us to individuals who care about their skin.     
Located in Minnesota's beautiful Lakes Country, All Things Herbal is a family company, embracing herbal goodness and involving my husband David, our children Caitlin, Brian and Colleen and my mother Colleen.
Given the detail and attention given to each bar of soap, we consider each to be a work of art.  Our soaps are created for your kitchen, bath and home, with each being distinctively presented in a soap dish, gift basket or alone.  We take great pride in every bar of soap and in every gift you ask us to provide.
 "Soap is the reaction of an acid (fats and oils) and a base (a solution of sodium hydroxide and water, also called lye) producing molecules of soap and glycerin in a process called saponification.  The powerful nature of this reaction is one of the reasons soapmaking, for me, is addictive.  Transforming matter is a big deal and that the product is useful, beautiful and personal makes it even more so!"   -Christine Kennedy